Episode 101 blog “Deals in Heels”

This episode was a great introduction of myself and my cast-mates. I’m thankful we have the opportunity to show you, the viewers our business and personal standpoints in real estate. The more agents that come together we can work together as a team, support each other and everyone can prosper greatly. We are seven diverse female professionals who are changing the face of Atlanta real estate.

Being a virtuous woman I believe in hard-work, support, and prosperity. It’s always important to stay focused and remain humble in all situations. This is a cut throat business and sometimes you may only get one shot to impress your clients. For instance, tonights episode my client wanted a property in the “high 4s.”

Unconsciously thinking I thought she meant $400,000 but in all reality she meant $4 million! I had to change the scenery and listen to her needs to get her the property she desired. Fortunately, I gained the trust of my client, whose husband in addition has $20 million he wants to invest in Atlanta real estate. With this I deal decided to gather the other women together so we can start working as a team.

It’s extremely important that we uplift each other in this industry. You CAN NOT be lazy, there NO DAYS OFF, and certainly NO TIME FOR GAMES when it comes to this business. Thanks to weTV for this opportunity and I hope women feel empowered by seeing us making changes on your screen and showing how to be a REAL BOSS!